Call for Proposal: Project Management Journal - Special Issue

Von Andreas Patana, 29 Februar, 2016

Deadline for full paper submissions: 31 October 2016.


Two basically different perspectives have brought projects and networks together. On the one hand, projects have been researched from a social network perspective, using social capital or structural holes or other network theories. On the other, as in project networks, the network notion is used to point to a very specific form of governance, using a wide range of organization theories. We welcome contributions from both viewpoints and integrative views.

  • Projects from a Social Network Perspective
  • Projects from a Network Governance Perspective

Full papers must be submitted by 31 October 2016 via the journal submission site. Papers accepted for publication but not included in the special issue will be published later, in a regular issue of the journal.
If you have any additional questions, please consult any of the following guest editors:
Robert DeFillippi,
Stephen Pryke,
John Steen,
Jörg Sydow,