New Book Series: Work, Organization, and Employment

Von Werner Nienhüser, 24 August, 2016

“The series publishes high-quality research in the related subject areas of work, employment relations, organizational studies and analysis, and human resource management. The series takes an overarching pluralist approach, debating and discussing topics via related theoretical lenses including political economy, ethics, and systems of governance.
A key focus of the series is how the imperatives for efficiency, quality and high performance can be configured so that equality, inclusion, good pay, dignity, well-being and social justice are also achieved in increasingly globalised work regimes.
The series investigates the connections between the world of work and the political economy and public policy that shape regulations, organizational and business environments, work experiences, and well-being within a new globalised model of consumerism.” (Source:
The Series Editors, Tony Dundon and Adrian Wilkinson, invite proposals or enquiries for authored or edited books relevant to the series.

If you are interested in publishing a book in the series, you may also contact Werner Nienhüser, member in the editorial board (